Harry The Hippo

Once upon a time there was a hippo named Harry. Harry was sad because he had no friends because he was a hippo and everyone feared hippos including other hippos. He was no ordinary hippo. Henry was a rare breed of hippo known as hugging hippos. Harry was an orphan when he was younger because two mean hunters had taken his mum and dad. When that was happening Harry was playing in the bushes alone.
When he came out he started calling out to his parents, "MUM" "DAD" "WHERE ARE YOU?" until a kind bird flew down and told Harry what had just happened. Harry was so, so, so sad.
Harry cried for days until he ran out of tears. He had cried so much that he flooded the jungle. All the other jungle animals were angry with him. They all told him to leave the jungle.
Twelve years had passed and Henry was now 17. He wanted to come back to the jungle so the jungle animals let him. Harry was now so happy that everyone was now his friend.


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