I can see the needle coming closer and closer towards my leg
“STOP” I scream I can’t do it maybe it’s just a numbing needle compared to having your leg crushed by a car but it is, it is worse for me the sharp point on the end of the needle glints and I cringe at the thought of it entering my leg it’s disgusting it is made worse by the fact that I have needle phobia I am at the dentist and I am getting ready to have my tooth filled but I have to have a needle first I just can’t stand it .Why is it that dentists have a thing about needles. Why couldn’t it have been a numbing pill those little things are easy to swallow ‘It won’t get any easier just watching it you know’ said my mum. At least I feel safer knowing it isn’t anywhere near my leg. I know I can do this I have to do it or he’ll just rip it out and that will be even more painful I take a deep breath ‘go!’ I scream and immediately look away ‘done’ says the dentist ‘done’ I say but the numbing needle has already begun to have an effect on my mouth and it sounds more like ‘dum’ no that’s impossible I didn’t feel a thing ‘come on time to go’ says my mum but I am confused and she grabs my hand and drags me out .