A Broken Old Tree

On the other side of the old grey fence,
Stands a broken old tree with many hidden stories.
And as the tree cannot communicate in its own defence,
The people come and go without taking its glories.
This poor old tree so fragile, small and shy
Determinedly strives to find its inner voice.
One hopeful day when all is well, it dreams to do more than silently cry.
And if it could scream that's what it would do, but sadly that isn't its choice.
The secrets that are hidden so deeply within
Try to find a crack in the trunk to escape.
But how can this tree even try to begin
When all it's ever had to be is dull and subtly fake?
On the other side of the old grey fence,
Stands a broken little girl with many hidden stories.
She closes her mouth and looks up at the world that is so intimidating and greatly immense.
And while she watches, she longs for the people to finally see her true and beautiful glories.


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