Land Of Destruction (Sequel To ‘War’)

24th October 1918
Guns making us deaf by the minute. Plane propellers like bombs going off in our heads (probably because there are bombs). These conditions here are so bad that we can’t even go outside. My poor children, John and Joan, they don’t know what to do with themselves. Whether to help me, or to play with each other, either aren’t their favourite options. They want to see their friends, but it’s all they’ve got.
25th October 1918
My husband is out there somewhere. I don’t know where. I pray that he is alright though. John and Joan do ask about him. "Where is daddy?” and “Is daddy coming home?” “I don’t know.” I tell them, and that is nothing but the truth.
25th November 1918
It has been very quiet lately. I have begun to wonder if the war is over. But when I look out the window I always see soldiers walk by. Plus, we’re still not aloud out. There isn’t much shooting and flying around anymore. The soldiers do carry their guns around, but they don’t use them very much. I’ve only heard about two shots in the past few days.
My kids asked if we’re aloud out and I said, “Probably not darlings.”
“But we’re so bored! I want to run around in the garden!” John moaned.
“Yeah, and all my dolls are sick and need fresh air!” Joan agreed.
“I’m so sorry,” I apologized, “But I can’t do anything. I want to go out too, but we can’t.” And with that they walked off to their rooms with their heads down.
26th November 1918
A post man came today with a letter from my husband. There was some good and bad news. The good news was that the war ended two weeks ago. I thought so! But the bad news was that we lost. No wonder we aren’t allowed out. Deeper into the letter he said he was a prisoner. He said he may not ever get back. How was I going to tell John and Joan that? They would miss him so much.
27th November 1918
Some soldiers knocked on our door. “Open up! We need to talk to you!”
I went over and opened the door. “Yes?” I asked “What do you need?”
“Come out here please ma’am”.
“OK. But promise you won’t hurt my children.”
“Don’t worry. We won’t hurt them.”
I stepped outside. The sun blinded me from being inside for so long. “Here,” they handed me a piece of paper. “You’re husband’s dead. You need to come with us.”
“But you said you won’t hurt my children!” I screamed.
“We had to get you out somehow” the soldier snarled. Then he pushed past me and went inside to get my children.
“What will you do to us?!” I screamed.
“That depends on what you do for us.” The other-one said. With that he threw me and my children in the car.

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