Fades To White

I used to hate water. No, seriously, I couldn't stand it. It's cold, wet, and ready to drag you under. I have had experience in going under, it's not fun. Here's my story. I think it has a happy ending, but that's for you to decide.

After another dreadful day of school, I walk home in the cold and wet rain. Finally I get home, drenched, ready to have a shower. Nobody's home except me. My mum is at work, Dad left us years ago, and I'm an only child.


I hear, coming from upstairs. I run up with myself and my school bag. No one is there, no one except the water outside filling up so high, it reaches the window.

'AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!' I scream.
My Mum's face appears at the window, screeching for help. What do I do? Do I go out and help her, or stay safe, inside? Why do I have to hate water so much?

I grab my polka dot rain coat, and run to the door. I put my ice cold hands on the door knob, and open it slowly. A gush of water comes rushing inside, the house is filled with water. I swim through all the floating car parts, the street signs, furniture from others houses. I can barely hold my breath.

Then, I see the faint shadow of my mums body, drifting along the surface of the water. I speed up and hold her in my arms, she is still alive. I try and get her to safety, but the current is too strong.

Suddenly, a large 'STOP' sign runs into my head. It hurts so much, I can barely stay above the water. I feel faint, and my mother is struggling too. Then, in that split second, I realise it's all over. We will all die anyway.

It seems my mum has figured that out as well. Gives me a kiss, and tells me that everything will be alright. I tell her I love her, and then, everything turns to white.


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