Fairy And A Witch

Once upon a time there was a castle. In the castle there was a girl called Rebecca. She was a fairy “A witch is going to get me!” said Rebecca. “Help!” “I’m coming” said Sam. “I’ll get you Rebecca” said the witch “I’ll get you!” “A unicorn” said Rebecca “It’s for you” said Sam. “Can I please ride it now?” “Then hop on! Fly Lucy fly” said Sam and away they go. “The unicorn is called Lucy” said Sam. “She is nice” “The witch is coming” said Rebecca. “My name is Ugel” said the witch, Ugel. “What is your name?” said Rebecca. “Sam” said Sam. “Ugel is coming” said Sam. “Fly” said Sam. “Fly Lucy Fly” and away they went and they lived happily ever after.


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