Haloween Horrors

It was a dark and stormy night. Rain pattered on the window as strange sounds echoed up to the boy’s bedroom. The boy didn’t notice a shadow seep through the curtains and out the door. He stirred in his sleep. There was a sound of something moving downstairs. The boy frantically sat up sensing the spooky feeling in the air. A shiver went down his spine. He dived under his blanket and shivered nervously. There it was again. Banging noises downstairs.
He silently crept to the window, his heart doing a frenzied jig. He open the curtains with frozen fingers and looked out into the navy blue sky searching for any signs of monsters. Stars dotted the sky like tiny little diamonds. There must be a trillion out there, or even a zillion, he thought. He scanned the sky for the moon but it seemed to be playing hide and seek behind a cloud.
Something prickly touched his hand and he jumped back anxiously, with cold feet. A shadow crept across the room. Its figure was big and dangerous. The boy ran out of his room panting with a thin sheet wrapped around his shoulders. He tripped and fell on the prickly thing. Phew! Just the cat.
The hallway was dark so the boy had grope around to find his way. He felt a desk against the wall and crawled underneath tucking his knees up to his chin and pulling the sheet tighter around his body. There was an eerie feeling. Darkness crept in around him suffocatingly.
His eyes drooped but he forced them open. He didn’t want to be caught by the monsters. Something smashed which made the boy jump. Goosebumps ran up under his pyjamas and the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. He listened for any sounds in the house as he gathered his sheet around him, cocooning his perspiring body into an envelope of cotton. Heavy footsteps were coming his way and as they became closer he could make out voices whispering. The monsters are probably plotting ways to eat me! The boy shuddered at the horrendous thought.
He stuck his head out from under the desk in the hall and glanced at the two figures, one smaller than the other, coming towards him. The monsters had obviously discovered a torch because one was shining down the hall. The boy sank back into the shadows to avoid the light but the aliens had already spotted him. His heart was going a 100 miles an hour. The aliens were approaching quickly. He closed his eyes preparing for the aliens. He cautiously opened his eyes and saw two grotesque and gruesome faces gaze horrendously down on him. But a human hand reached up and pulled the faces of and revealed his dad’s beaming smile and his little sister bursting into a fit of laughter at his horrified face.
“Happy Halloween!” they cheered.


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