Holding Hands

Excellence Award in the 'Write As Rain 2014' competition

Holding Hands is a sign of love,
To say sorry and goodbye,
To show someone that you care and that
They’re not alone.
As I lay lifeless on the bed, I recollect those summer days
When there was the warmth of sunshine on my skin, the sound of children’s mirth,
The sweet smell of her perfume and the feel of her hand in mine.
Her seraphic smile was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.
Oh my dear sweet Mary, I wonder how a memory so simple and so brief
Could mean so much to a feeble old man like me.
Then, like an angel she appears and washes away my solitude.
Her seraphic smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
She holds my hand as a sign of love,
To say sorry for that goodbye,
To show she cares and that
I’m no longer alone.


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