Wait Here

Excellence Award in the 'Write As Rain 2014' competition

“ I’ll only be an hour.Just wait here.” Jane said nervously.
“Okay mum.” Jake replied happily.He gave his mum a smile and his cheeks rose like the sun, not knowing what was ahead of him. The park surrounded him, he felt free and independent. He started to play on the swings, slides and ship. Once all the other kids went home he thought where’s mum??? Once the sun came down, the park changed into a different world. The once fun park seemed to change into a dark eerie park the swing set creaked in the wind.

It was freezing and darker than Jake had ever noticed before, but Jake was sure his mum would come any second. Eventually Jake told himself she wasn’t coming tonight so he found an old wooden park bench and tried to sleep. He couldn’t, he was simply too scared.
He had slept there many times before, but it was different without his mum. The tree was like a tall frightening monster. Its shadows made him jump. Whenever he heard footsteps, he would pretend he didn’t exist.

Further into the night an old man strolled though the park. Even this old frail man scared Jake that night. His worn face stared at Jakes cold and dirty body. The man quickly walked past Jake as if he didn’t exist, even though he knew very well Jake was there. This made Jake feel worthless, nobody, non-existent or maybe just invisible.

The following day was sunny and warm, a small excited boy ran over to Jake.
“Do you want some chocolate cake??” questioned the boy.
“Yes Please.” slipped out of Jakes dirty and malnourished mouth.
“You will have to ask your mummy though.” explained the boy. Before Jake could explain his predicament the boy’s mum grabbed her son by the collar and pulled him away saying
“What did I tell you we don’t talk to these people!” Angrily reenforced the boy’s mother.
This made Jake wonder about his own mother. Was she still coming back.

The sun was setting and Jake was beginning to have bad memories about being alone the night before. As the cold air started to creep into his bones, a lady walked in the park. Jake tried to hide, but this particular lady couldn’t be fooled. She found him hiding between the tree and the slide. as she got closer he recognised her, it was his mum. His mum gave him a hug, Jake felt relived as she hugged him, he could tell she was relived too.

Jake never really knew what his mum did that day but that wasn’t important to him. They still had to stay in the park, but Jake didn’t mind, as long as he was with his mum. That night was different with mum the park was not frightening at night. The park was his place he felt safe with his mum.