Eagle Boy And The Mystery Of The Dark Demon

Eagle Boy and the Mystery of the Dark Demon

It was a bright, sunny afternoon at Camp Sunshine. A class was having an excursion there. The teacher was telling the kids the rules when in the forest. Two boys weren’t listening and wandered off when they saw something rattling in the bushes. And when they had a peek, it was a demon! It rose from the bushes saying, “I am the Dark Demon and I have to kill.” Everyone ran screaming into the bus and drove away while the Demon was hot on it’s tail. The next day everybody had heard about the Dark Demon and was scared out of their socks.
Meanwhile in a science lab a father was teaching his son a science lesson on eagles. He had collected the DNA of an eagle and was going to put it in a giant test tube (even a human can fit in it). But before that, lunch!
Little Ed, the scientist’s son, was playing with his toys in the test tube, pretending it was a space station. After lunch Ed’s dad went back to work. Ed didn’t know that, so he kept playing in the test tube. The scientist turned the machine on, not knowing his son was in it. A few minutes later the transformation was complete. But when Ed came out he wasn’t a big eagle monster. Ed’s dad was surprised to see that he was fine after he came out of the machine.
The next day, the Dark Demon was still lurking in the streets and no one even dared to look outside. The demon was still waiting to do some evil but nothing happened. So the Dark Demon ran into a street and yelled out, ”If you are all cowards then you will die or hand over your money, now!” So everyone threw their money out their windows and didn’t look back.
While Ed was watching this from his window he felt something. Something was changing in his body. First he grew wings, sharp talons, a beak and then he grew bigger. He was fully transformed into… Eagle Boy!
While the Dark Demon was still taking the money from the people, Eagle Boy flew into action and struck with his tough talons and gave him a big scratch on the head. The Dark Demon swung his axe at Eagle Boy but he ducked just in time. Eagle Boy kicked his leg then punched his mask off and discovered that the Dark Demon was actually Ed’s dad!
Ed’s dad explained that if he was rich he would be able to live a happier and healthier life and to buy all the Porches, Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Mercedes in the world. You see, his passion was cars, all he ever wanted was cars. He just wanted nice shiny cars.
Eagle Boy had to ignore that he was his father and put him behind bars just like any other criminal. But Eagle Boy allowed him one last drive in a specially built Ferrari police car…straight to prison!



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