Netball Girls

One day there was a big
team of girls playing
netball there team name is
called the vixens. They
were against America and
the girls playing for
America were VERY
competitive and tough.
The girls name's and
positions are Alyce in
C, Lucy in GD, Sienna
in WD, Charlotte in
GK, Jaylah in GS,
Hollie in GA, Mili in
WA and two more
players Leah and lexy.
Then the game
started and all the
girls came stroding
out onto the netball
court side by side
Australia had the
ball first in centre.
The vixens
was in the
lead for the
past first
But then the
America girls took
a huge jump in
front of the Vixens
score and took the
Then it was half time, all
the girls had a quick
huddle and talked about
getting high quick
also low bounce passes
and lots of tricky tricks.
Then they were
heading into another
hard quarter they took
the lead again.
But then it came into the
final quarter Lucy fell over
because a girl gave her a
big shove in the last 10
minutes of the game so
they got one of the spare
players to come into the
game her name was Leah
she wasn't very good at
netball and the girls new
that so they went quicker
and faster so Leah didn't
get the ball that much but
she probably only got it only
once or twice so she did get
passes in.
The girls from the other
team took over pushing and
shuving in the game but they
got a lot of out of play wich
is contact.
Then the vixens quickly took
the lead again and they were
shaw tired out and the big loud
horn went and the victory of the
vixens with a good score of 47
to a score of 39.
The girls
were all
they got
and the
trophy of
the year
the best
of the
The girls celebrated the very
next day because they were
that happy. They had a party at
there coaches house because
she had a massive pool and a
real nice outdoor area.
And lived life
as a star.
By Alyce Bower