M.I.B Melons In Black

6:00AM on the road
This is a story about Max Melon. Max is an agent of M.I.B Max is a kind, smart and awesome melon and his skin is as strong as an ogres club. He smells like a watermelon smoothie and he likes to do stuff quickly. Because he has no legs he bounces everywhere, he is equivalent to a bouncy ball!
One day Max was driving in his sweet high tech car with Pat Pineapple. Ring! Ring! Max’s phone rang, it was the director of M.I.B. “Max! Pat! John Dragon Fruit is blowing up the gates to the E.M.A (evil mental asylum) now stop him!” said the director “Ok boss!” said Max then he sped off. In a minute or 2 they got there then found John waiting near the gate with bombs obstructing the gate. John is a criminal who used to be an agent of M.I.B but he got betrayed! “I was expecting you Max….” said John “Hey I’m here too you know” interrupted Pat then John pulled out a detonator “NO DON’T”………KAPOW!!!!! A siren rang then a familiar shaped figure sprinted out of the E.M.A! It was Mental Mike.
Mike was the only prisoner there and before he got in the asylum Mike was making a satellite to make everybody mental. “We need to do something but what?!?!” said Max “Well he is probably in the Empire Mango building because it is the building closest to space and the satellite!” he added

7:30PM Empire Mango building
“We got the wire guns ready! Ok let’s do this,” said Pat “Wire shot,” Pat added. Seconds later Max and Pat shot up to the 79th floor “ok here is the rooms, inject the virus.” The virus to shutdown all the power and lights
Tomp, Tomp, Tomp. Max sounded bouncing around Clunk the draw sounded as he opened it “10%.... 50%....95% one hundred let’s get out of here!” “Ok let’s go,” dweep sounded the button as Max pressed the button then all the lights turned out then they scaled the building to the 74th floor “Ok now let’s get Mike!” said Max angrily. Tump, tump, tump! “Ok here’s the floor” SMASH “It’s over Mike!” “Get out your carrot gun Pat” “FOOLS um wait I’m unorganized,” “well that was unusual” Said Pat
“Fools you can’t destroy the satellite” “yeah maybe I can” then Max pressed a button, his high tech car changed into a rocket with missiles on the side and it flew up to space and fired a missile into the satellite “yay it’s destroyed and now….” Said Max ZAPPPP! And destroyed the control panel “that was a mental idea!” then Max and sped back home safely in his high tech car.
8:13PM Fruity H.Q
“Good job Max, good job Pat you saved the day once again now you will now get the golden Medal of Honor!” the Boss announced
“You are a few of the best agents ever” The boss added