Harry's Adventure

I have a dog. His name is Harry. He has ginger fur with big brown puppy eyes. Harry likes to have lots of adventures. Here is my personal favourite:-
Harry was in the backyard, dozing out in the sun. Suddenly, a big black Labrador was sneaking around the garden. Harry tiptoed off to see it. He was very big. The Labrador tried to tackle Harry but he just put his paw up and the Labrador tumbled onto the grass. As soon as the Labrador got back up, Harry wasn’t scared to face him again. Instead, the Labrador picked up a chew toy and squeaked it. Harry liked the sound of the noise and followed it until he came to a very unfamiliar place. He heard noises of people talking. As the noise hushed, he came into a new place with cows and sheep. The Labrador pranced over to a sheep and hopped on its back. The Labrador beckoned for Harry to jump on too. So he did. The sheep started to gallop around the paddock. On the ride, the Labrador lifted a paw up and shook Harry’s paw. It pointed to the collar on his neck and it read ’DUSTY’ . Harry nodded and pointed to his own as well. ’HARRY’ Dusty nodded and the sheep came to a halt. The dogs hopped off and trotted into the village. There was a red carpet, leading the way to town. Harry had no idea where or why Dusty was taking him there. When they got to town, a big catwalk was set up so Dusty took Harry to it. Harry hopped up, looking confused. Right on the spot, fans were taking pics and Harry was immediately awarded ’MOST POPULAR PET’ award and ’CUTEST PET’ award. Harry stood there, beaming and posing with Dusty for more photos. After the awards ceremony, Dusty took Harry home and hung the photos in his kennel so Harry would never forget his awesome adventure with Dusty.


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