Fake Smiles And Angel Masks - Prelude To A Fiction Story

There she was, sitting watching the sunset just like she had done a million times before. For the first time since she had lost him, she had actually felt herself start to heal. The huge gaping hole he left in her heart was slowly starting to close and she actually felt like she was better off without him. Unfortunately for her, the mind has cruel ways of playing tricks and all this sense of healing was just an illusion. However, even though she thought she was healing, a part of her still couldn’t help but wonder if he would ever come back to her – especially after everything they had been through and all the times they picked each other up when all others did was throw them down. Did he still care? Did he think about her still? The “girl hiding behind the angel mask” had taken him away from her and she wouldn’t stand for it. It was at this point when she strapped on her fake smile for yet another day and set out to defeat the girl hiding behind the angel mask. But who was she now; she has turned into the “girl behind that fake smile” and behind that fake smile was a world full of sadness and despair, but nobody had known about it… except him.
At one point, the pain became too enormous to think about and the girl behind that fake smile had no place to go. She wanted to make something of her despair; she was so sick and tired of feeling numb. She just wanted to feel something again; is that too much to ask? It shouldn’t be. She didn’t understand why everybody else in the world should be allowed to feel something except her.
Well, she had enough.
As much as she hated to admit it, she needed him more than she could have ever thought. The truth is that no matter how much she lied to herself, she knew that she could never stop loving him. Even though the hole in her heart got smaller, she knew it would never completely fade. He would always be a part of her, but the question that kept her up day and night was: “Would I ever be a part of him again?” The sad part was that the girl hiding behind the angel mask didn’t see him for who he was and all she did was use him; but for what? She has yet to figure that out, but she would not rest until she did. Was she up to the challenge of bringing down her opponent? In order to save him, she had to be because there was no other way. It was all up to her. The girl behind that fake smile had a plan - a risky plan, but a plan nonetheless. Would it work? Or would she end up right where she started... numb and alone.