Halloween Horror

Today was the day, it was finally Halloween. I was in the dark street with my petrifying monstrous costume with skulls and blood stains. I watched as the trees whispered, the moon howled and terrifying faces popped out of nowhere. As I walked down the steaming road darkness crept up to me, closer and closer as I walked. An ocean of sweat built up in my head and arms by the second and it was sprinting down my face.
Dark clouds killed the moon, not one spec of light shone down on the dark street. Suddenly an ear piercing ROAR filled the darkness of the street. My hairs stood on an end, my blood turned to ice and a gush of fear entered my guts. I knew this beast, it was the most malicious mega foot colossal monster you could ever see. Its nails were so sharp it could slice right through you, its eyes were so petrifying it would paralyse you with fear just by looking at it, its teeth were sharper than the sharpest dagger, and its roar was so loud it could pierce right through your skin.
My skin crawled just thinking about it. I could see shadows move in the distance, I could hear nails screeching down walls, I leaned against the wall, my nerves broke down and my heart turned to ice. Goosebumps formed over my hand by the second. As I heard the noises growing louder I knew death was coming soon. I could feel fear and salty adrenalines in my tongue. As I looked around the slightest part of my eye caught something colossal. THE BEAST!
I desperately looked for a way out but all I could see was blood stains on the wall like smashed pancakes from the victims who had been killed before. The beast lurched his body towards me, as he jumped I reluctantly but very quickly slid underneath the beast. My eyes watch in amazement as I slid. As fast as lightning I speed off.
To my greatest despair the beast pounded on me. I wait for it to kill me and hear my terrifying scream. But it didn’t attack me at all, in fact it just relentlessly licked me on and on, and wet slobber dripped all over me. “Mum I told you not to bring Max to Trick or Treat.” “Come on, Max, since you’re hear, let’s go trick or treating.’’


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