A Typical Aussie Chrissy

It was Chrissie Day around mid-morn,
When the ‘relos’ were gathered around the lawn.
There were not fancy saucepans or silver spoons,
Just some paper towel and a handful of prunes.
The barbie was cleaned spic and span,
Ready to put on some great ham.
Line by line, they got their share,
Scoffing it down without a care.
The up jumped Billy with a great big bound,
Calling his family from all around.
He yelled at Pete to grab a Bat,
And as he practiced he hit a black old cat.
Then out came the women with their prize Pavlovas,
While the men were quickly eating leftovers.
Everyone was ready to say their goodbyes,
But suddenly Nan threw a custard pie.
They joined in and throwing through the night,
Until Kelly finally threw on the lights.