Falling Down The Well

Alice was getting very sick of watching cows moo. When all of a sudden a cow jumped over the moon, Alice was so fascinated that when the cow landed she ran after the cow. The cow was blue and black. Alice was a little bit worried that the cow might jump away. They had been running for a long time so when the cow saw a well, it jumped into the well. Alice jumped onto the edge of the well. The well was rainbow coloured and it smelt like bacon and eggs, she could all most taste it.
All of a sudden a big gust of wind came and Alice fell into the well! On the way down the well, Alice soon realized that she had been falling for a long time, and that there was no water in this well. It was very dark and Alice could not see the bottom of the well.
Then Alice saw a box that said lolly snakes. The box smelt of all different flavours. The box was green and pink. So she opened the box to eat one, but when she opened it… the snakes were real but she could also see a key. Alice dropped the box before she could get the key.
Alice saw all sorts of strange things like pictures everywhere. They were made up animals like a Panpouss, a pander and an octopus. All of a sudden the Panpouss started talking to Alice. The Panpouss said, “Hi I am Angela” Alice said “Hi I am Alice I did not know that pictures could talk.” But before the picture could reply Alice fell past the Panpouss picture. The Panpouss was black and pink with green eyes. Alice also saw clocks everywhere but all the hands were going anticlockwise.
Alice could now see the bottom of the well. Alice could see that she was getting closer and closer and closer to the bottom of the well! She started to freak out, thinking of horrible thoughts on how she might die. She was falling faster and faster and then… she stopped about 1cm above the ground she then stepped onto the ground.
Alice was in a purple round room and there were about 30 doors. Each door had an animal on the front. Alice them remembered the key that was in the snake box. Alice decided to look for the key, she found the key very easily because there is nothing else in the room. Alice tried it on all of the doors, and it finally fitted the door with snakes on the front. Alice was too frightened of the thought that there might be snakes in there. Alice thought because of the strange things that have happed to her, she would not be surprised if there were snakes in that room…



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