Fairy Time

Although people think fairies aren’t real, a little girl named Akira proved fairies were real. This is the story about Akira.

It was a beautiful morning, the birds were singing and the sound of twittering was heard only if you listened very, very carefully. A little girl named Akira awoke at the sound of a crash. She woke up with a fright and her dark brown wavy hair stood up like a static touch.

Akira ran to the front door and saw a fairy on the floor holding her head. Akira bent down and grabbed the fairy very softly.

“Hello there. What is your name? Where do you come from? Is there more fairies around?” said Akira quickly and quietly

“Too many questions… human.” began the fairy.

“To start off, I was flying and banged my head right on the door because I was laughing at my friend behind me and wasn’t looking were I was going. Secondly, my name is Twinkle Fellingrose; Twink is my nick name. Thirdly, yes there are more fairy beings around and lastly I live in the tree just behind your house.”

The little girl ran to her fridge and grabbed the tiniest piece of ice that she could find and gave it to Twinkle Fellingrose. Twink left as fast a light. She was only a short distance away, hovering and very slowly she was heading towards the fairy tree. Akira followed her slowly but close behind her. Twink arrived at the tree and not that much longer came Akira. The girl climbed up the tree and saw all these fairy’s from different cultures. Amazing.

There was a guard fairy looking out for humans and sadly Akira got caught but Twink stopped all the fairies from making her an elf. Akira was pleased to see Twink again and to see around three million fairies just on one tree. She also spent some time with them too.

1 hour later

Akira rushed to her house with excitement and woke up her family who didn’t believe in fairies. She then took her sleepy family to the tree and all the fairies hid as fast as light.

“Please come out. Especially Twinkle Fellingrose” called out Akira from down below.

Then one by one the fairies came out and saw Akira and waved hello. The family of Akira’s just fainted at this sight and then the most magical thing happened. All the fairies from across the world came and helped Akira’s family to get back in focus. This had to be the most a miraculous thing that had happened to this little girl and her family. The fairies and her family had a humongous celebration and from that day on everyone across the world believed in fairies because Akira’s family spread the word to everyone.


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