Harold Trouble And The Ice-cream Disaster

Harold was a serious trouble-maker. Wherever he went , he’d cause trouble. When he went past his neighbour, Mr. Lee, he’d run into his garden and stomp on his flowers. If he went past Miss Lauren, he’d make his dog, bull’s eye, chase her cat, lazy. He acted like a bully at school. He kicks children, punches little kids, and says “stupid’ to the teachers. Worst, he scribbles on the principal’s notices! This story is a lesson to Harold. This is how it goes….
One day, at Harold’s house, Harold heard a noise from outside. “The ice-cream van!” roared Harold, running down the stairs. He yelled at Mum, “I want some ice-cream!” The ice-cream vans on the street!” “Calm down Harold. You may have one if you help me.” So Harold helped mum. He got his money from his mum, and set off to buy his ice-cream. On the way, near a sign on the street, he found a time bomb. He hid it in his pocket and kept walking to the ice-cream van. “Hmmmm” thought Harold. “I could blow the van up!” said Harold, with a grin. He walked to the van, secretly placed the bomb under the van and lit the bomb. Just then a little boy named Jack, found the bomb and moved it, (without anyone noticing) into the van. Instead of the bomb blowing up the van it blew up the power to the ice-cream machine! Lots and lots of ice-cream went flying out of the van.
“Who did this?” asked the ice-cream man (whose name is Damien). Before anyone could answer, Jack said, “Harold did it! I’m telling the truth! And I meant it!” “Is this true Harold?” said the ice-cream man in surprise. “Y-y-e-s-s” said Harold in shivers. “You’re in big trouble Harold!” the ice-cream man said. And from that day on, he’d be good (most of the time).



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