Valen And Vanten

Startling yellow eyes peered down into the wood his eyes a radiating a glowing yellow hue focused on a small creature beneath him.A mere baby rabbit , as far as he could tell standing from his crouching position on the creaking tree branch.If one were to look at the boy with raven like hair , they would know that he is the darkness itself.His name was Vanten.The trees wavered and creaked as the wind caressed them.You could almost see the reflection of pale blue moon in his malevolent orbs, unforgiving and merciless.Although seemingly heartless he was wise and naive unlike someone that came to his mind constantly.
Vanten’s other half Valen, oh how he loathed him. Valen was everything Vanten wasn’t, he was kind and caring , humble and yet naive.
Seemingly everyone loved Valen, in contrast to himself who could blame them?.
Vanten had deathly black hair untamed and unruly and Valen’s hair was sleek straight and white,only just covering his eyes.
Now for eyes,Vanten knew anyone who looked into his eyes would most likely have a heart attack.
His eyes were such an eerie hue and Valen’s were an innocent baby blue.
Maybe Vanten possessed the eyes of a crazed man although he didn’t mind or care for that matter.
He could have said he was lonely although Vanten refused to look so weak, his eyes narrowed to slits staring at the small creature below him.
Should he kill it? was he angry? should he just kill it because he was bored? or was it in his nature to destroy everything he taints.
He had decided all his senses went to waste, as he readied himself to lunge at the small animal.
leaping off the branch with the baby rabbit in sight, just as his feet had left the branch the animal sprinted away down the path.
As Vanten made contact with the ground he snarled ,with eyes like that of a crazed hunter.
Vanten began to run,his hair flying behind him as he sprinted with unblinking frenzied eyes, following the smell of the rabbit.
Down through the dark woods he ran, his dirty bare feet picking up speed treading through the lush green grass.
Vanten gained on the rabbit, it was within his line of sight now as he approached a small river.
Suddenly as the rabbit darted through the bushes and past the shallow stream of water.
Vanten bursted through the bushes, only to find a silver haired boy standing in the shallow water and in his arms was the baby animal.
“Valen” Vanten spat the words as if the name were poison dripping from his lips.
Innocent and kind baby blue eyes looked on at Vanten lovingly.
“Vanten..” he spoke softly as he shut his eyes, caressing the small animal gently.
“Please my brother please don't...” Valen spoke softly and at that moment darkness surrounded Vanten.When Valen opened his eyes solemn blue eyes Vanten was gone his own brother had vanished abandoning him yet again.


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