It was the perfect spring day. The sky was cloudless, the water flat as a pancake and the wind reaching 20 knots. As I looked out over the soft, warm looking beach I could see seven other kites already looping through the sky. This was my first ever time kiting at Dakhla and the adrenaline was already pumping through my veins. I had just hopped off the plane from Brazil and my legs ached and I feel incredibly tired but I know that I need to get out on the water.
I drop my bags off at the hotel but keep my Best kite bag and Xenon Rayo board. I get to the unsurpassed Ocean Beach and prep my kite and gear. The brilliant blue and shining yellow of the kite was like a beacon on the beach. After attaching the lines I launched the kite and walked out into the waist deep, crystal clear water. I have a clear idea of where I am going and I set off on my epic adventure. The wind rushes around my body as I edge hard upwind. A little kid that looks about 10 fly’s past and I can’t believe how good he was. There are kites and people everywhere in the water so it takes an hour to get into the clear, open waters that I wanted to explore. As I am flying through the open waters I start to feel a sense of desertion. All I could see was flat water and a small island off in the distance.
As I got closer to this deserted, remote island I started to discover how big the world was and how lonely the ocean is. I had been on my own for two hours and I have had the time to think about my life and the impact I have made to my children and family. I have thought about how fortunate I am to be able to see this beautiful scenery and to experience the open ocean. As I was kiting a group of dolphins jumped past and I could see their freedom and a feeling of guilt washed over me. They had no way of changing what climate change was doing but were still going to be affected by it.
I got to the small isolated island and landed my kite. I sat there for a while and considered what I had thought about while on the trip here. It was a very different way of looking at life for me and it took a considerable amount of time to digest what I had thought about. When the sun had got to its highest point in the sky I decided it was time for me to head back. These open, isolated waters were extremely dangerous at night time and me being alone made it increasingly worse.
When my time in the Dakhla was over I boarded the plane and headed back to Brazil, to my family and to my friends. They all think I went on this trip for fun and so did I, but after being there I realized it was a time of discovery for me.