Divorce And Marriage

Merit in the 'Write As Rain 2014' competition

Divorce was marriage long ago,
It was love that does no longer show,
The kids just sit and play with their LEGO,
But it doesn’t last forever, that they know.
Divorce is sad,
For all of us,
It’s hard just mum and dad,
But no one thinks to fuss.
Divorce is the opposite to love,
Love is happy,
It reminds us of a sweet dove,
And the jokes both cheesy and sappy.
Love is the things you don’t have to do,
Two souls becoming one,
But then bam! You have no clue
Of what you’ve done.
It’s all over; your soul is shattered,
You don’t know why,
You’re all bruised and battered,
And you always want to cry.
]But marriage…
Marriage is paper,
So easily ripped.


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