Harry's Adventure

Harry’s Adventure

Hi my name is Harry, but right now I can’t talk because I’m on the run. Well Climbing I should say, because I’ve got sixteen bad guys chasing me. The bad guys had stolen the two most valuable things on earth, but I’ve got it back and now their chasing me.

Harry had one choice to climb to the top, dodge some booby traps and escape through a cave with probably a whole army of bad guys on the other side of the mountain. So off he went up the mountain until he reached the top. There were thousands of booby traps so Harry went on carefully dodging booby traps and choosing the right paths.

Just as he thought, when he reached the other side there was a whole army of bad guys. “Come on I just got away from sixteen of your lot chasing me up the mountain and now I’m facing a whole army” said Harry. But there were very tall trees around them and there were vines hanging from the trees so Harry grabbed one and jumped off the mountain.

He swung from vine to vine, until he was away from the bad guys, but some of the army climbed up the mountain and swung on the vines after Harry. Harry got away just in time, when a bad guy reached the other side away from the other bad guys. Harry arrived at a small town with a cliff in the middle that separated it from the other side of the town. Harry needed to return the valuable items stolen from Planet Zogion, a tree filled planet in the corner of the Galaxy. Luckily for Harry he knew there was a Space Station on the other side of the town.

While Harry walked towards the Station he heard the footsteps of the bad guys. He turned to see them running towards him, so he sprinted and jumped over the cliff to the other side of the town. The people gasped in amazement at Harry’s jump, as normally a plane is needed or a portable bridge to cross the gap between the two towns. When he reached the Space Station, they let him take one of their ships. Up he went with the bad guys still after him. When Harry had a chance he turned his ship around and shot one by one the bad guys down. Soon they were all gone, so Harry took the bag with the blue dragon and a grey axolotl back to Planet Zogion where they belonged. They lived peacefully for the rest of their lives.

THE END By Fletcher Girke (8)


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