Fairy Secret

The sun shone on my cheek as I sat on the front porch of my house. It was the middle of summer and the sun was shining the birds were singing and everything was peaceful, until the sprinkler went on.
“Mum! That is right in my face.” I yelled jokingly.
“Sorry, but you have been sitting there daydreaming for the past 20 minutes,” Mum replied.
I got up and went into the backyard and started exploring in the garden trying to find a bug, but there was none in sight, “Odd,” I said to myself as I kept looking around, “there was a cute fluffy caterpillar here yesterday.” I said and kept looking around. Finally I found a beautiful butterfly that had green and blue wings; “It looks just like the caterpillar I saw before. Mum, I can’t find my caterpillar, but I found a butterfly that has the same colours.” Mum walked over and said, “I think that might be the caterpillar.”
I stood there looking confused. “How did a caterpillar turn into a butterfly overnight?” I asked. “It might have been the fairy’s work; you know they come out every blue moon,” Mum said.
We started walking to the house to get cold lemonade and I kept asking Mum, “I’ve never seen a fairy before, when can I see one?” We walked into the house and opened the fridge. All mum said is, “You have to be very lucky to spot one.”
I got my cold drink out of the fridge and set it on the table. As Mum made lunch I asked her, “I hope I see one soon so I can catch it and put it in my room!” Mum walked over and whispered, “If you do see a fairy you have to be very quiet and leave it alone, otherwise you will never see one again.”
Mum and I sat down at the table and we were playing a game of monopoly when I saw something go past outside and it went into my little fairy garden. “MUM, MUM! Look out there, I saw something fly past.” I yelled as I ran outside into the garden.
“I saw a fairy where did it go?” I asked Mum.
“Look inside the fairy house.” Mum said.
I slowly opened the door and looked inside the miniature fairy house.
“I see a fairy, a fairy, a fairy.” I yelled as I jumped up and down.
“Be still and quiet, otherwise it will go away.” Mum whispered.
The fairy looked a little bit scared and I kept saying, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” (Because I would never hurt a fairy). I put my hand out for it to fly onto but instead she flew out and hopped on mums shoulder, “I heard you talking about how you wanted to see a fairy, so now I am here you can ask me anything.”
For the rest of the day Mum, the fairy and I talked and drank tea the whole afternoon.


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