Hall Of Friendship

Hall of friendship.
One Dark, creepy and stormy night when Stevie was in the middle of her homework page she heard this huge thump outside of her window. She decided to go outside and see what had happened. When Stevie exited the house she saw two little girls sitting next to a car that had somehow crashed. Stevie asked one of the girls what had happened. Melanie was one the girls and she replied that they had crashed when they went on holiday to the country town near the city.
A few minutes later, Stevie had been invited outside of her house to see what Pauli and Melanie had made, but Stevie thought to herself where the creation that the girls have made ?
After that Stevie heard a key turning in the lock on the front door. LET ME IN screamed Stevie. The girls were laughing at how silly Stevie look.
When Stevie’s mum came home from shopping in the city, her mum saw the two girls trying to hide.
Stevie’s mum shouted out COME OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW! Melanie apologised to Stevie for laughing and locking her outside even though she wasn’t supposed to. But then they became friend again.
Then they remembered to always be honest with each other.

And that is the end of this horrible and creepy story.


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