“Good afternoon! How are you today Phil?” yelled a man in the market. The other man Phil replied, “G’day Barney! I’m good thanks!” I stopped in my tracks. What could it be? I screamed in fear. It stepped on my leg, being bigger than a house and the pain felt like my leg was broken! It picked me up then with his hand, and knocked me out.
Two hours later……
I was in a weird looking cave. It was staring at me, it looked like some sort of monster. I asked the monster a simple question that was a little personal, and mind you it never had to tell anyone the answer. “What is your name?”
It replied “My name is….don’t laugh at me but my name is Babily.”
“That is well, different.” I tried not to laugh.
Babily turned away and said “I’m going to get supper. I won’t be long.” “Can you please get some water while you’re out?” I asked, but he had already gone.
I heard a faint whimper, I walked outside to find a small sort of fluffy ball. “What is your name?” I asked.
“I am FUZZBALL! The best creature in all the land and the rarest, well that’s what I think anyways.” “You can stay here as long as you don’t poop, burb or pop in the cave.” I clearly stated.
“But I’m allowed to poop outside right?” Fuzzball asked.
“Yes Fuzzball you can”, I replied with a laugh.
Babily came back with some food and water. While we were all having tea I asked Babily, “Why did you take me instead of someone else?” Babily just told me, “Go to sleep.” I went to sleep.

I woke up the next day to find Fuzzball curled up on my neck. I was hoping yesterday was a bad dream but unfortunately it wasn’t. I screamed in fear. Babily stomped in, being a monster, he made a tremendous noise. “Are you ok?” he asked. I said back “Yeah, just a bad dream I guess.”
I tried to hide it as I didn’t want him to know I hated being with him. My phone began to ring. It was my mother, I answered it. “Hello?” Mum said. I replied, “Hi Mum, I have to go I’m a bit busy, love you, bye.” I had to say something, she would have killed me if she knew where I was.
My life is full of lies and secrets I hate it.
I didn’t know what to do. Babily grabbed my collar and said to me, “If you dare tell anyone where we are or leave this jungle, I will kill you! I ran out of the cave and Babily ran after me. I was terrified, I had to get out. I hid behind a tree then Babily passed and saw me and I ran. Before I knew it, Babily squished me and that was how my tragic death took place.