My Reflection

Finalist in the 'Write As Rain 2014' competition

She stared at me, cold eyes unblinking. Let me out, she mouthed. “No,” I told her firmly, folding my arms. Her arms didn’t fold as mine did. She remained independent; with my shape and form but free of me.
Let me out, her silent lips repeated, glaring at me with my eyes. At first I had thought I was going mad, but soon realised I wasn’t. Everything else was normal. It was just her.
She leaned in close to the mirror surface. Let me out. I leaned in too, meeting her menacing gaze with unblinking eyes. “No.”
Her eyes blazed and she smashed her fists into the glass, causing me to recoil in shock. She pounded the mirror relentlessly, screaming and kicking, though I still could not hear her. Abruptly, she stopped her assault, peering closer to the mirror surface, a smile spreading on her face. Why was she smiling? She hit the glass again several times, the grin on her face spreading.
Was the mirror cracking? No, it couldn’t be. That wasn’t possible… was it? Beaming, my reflection bashed the glass with all her strength. She was getting out. No, no! I couldn’t let her out! I had to stop her. I had to end it.
Quickly, I retrieved a heavy trophy from my bedroom shelf. Seeing me approach her, she took a step back, bringing her arms up to shield herself as I hurled the trophy into the mirror. The glass shattered, collapsing in a shining, broken heap on the floor.
I thought I had done it, gotten rid of her. I thought it was over. That’s when I heard the laughing.
The piled pieces of the broken mirror were moving, lifting slightly. As I watched, a person rose from the shattered glass, her eyes wide and full of wonder. That person was me. That person was my reflection.
“You broke the glass,” she said with a smile, looking around at the now empty mirror frame. “You let me out.” Now she was grinning. I was speechless, frozen to the spot. She was here. My reflection was out. How could she be out? She walked over to me gracefully and gently took my hands in hers. “Thank you,” she said softly. Suddenly, she gripped my arms tightly, spun and threw me at the pile of glass.
I shrieked in surprise, squeezing my eyes shut and bracing for an impact which never came. I opened my eyes to find myself lying down, staring up at my reflection, who looked down at me emotionlessly. I reached out to her but recoiled when my hand came into contact with a cool, smooth surface. Glass.
Frantically, I began to search around, search for a way out, but the glass continued all around me and wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I struck it. “Let me out!” I cried. My reflection smiled down at me, shaking her head. “Let me out! Please!” I begged, but she had already turned, happily walking away.

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