Babies In Prams

Babies in Prams
Once there was a bright blue pram strolling down the path .I heard a scream come from the pram and I ran to inspect what was going on. I came to find a baby with chubby, rosey, fat cheeks. Her hair was like new grass shooting through the ground. I looked all around but I couldn't see her mother. She had lost her mother who did not want her. Her mother was drunk and she had lots of red and white tablets to take all the time .
I pushed the baby in her pram to my house so that I could look after her. I took the pram into my back garden so that the baby could have a sleep. While I wasn't looking, a tiger snake crawled into the pram and bit her on the leg. She cried and cried. I ran out just in time to see the snake slithering away into the garden. So I quickly grabbed her and put her in the carseat then drove furiously to the hospital.
The doctors and the nurses worked hard to save that little baby. After waiting for hours and hours the doctor finally came to tell me that she was OK and alive! I was happy.