Kala Pickford And The Missing Blood

The sound of sirens drifted through Kala Pickford’s ears as she stepped out of the police car nervously. “
“What do you mean you can't come, this is my first case?”
“Look Kala I'm sick you'll do fine, bye.”
Kala put her phone in her pocket as the chief came by. “Kala just who I was looking for, go talk to our witness Henry Hardwin.”
Kala nodded and headed for the palace of a house.

“Mr Hardwin what exactly happened?” asked Kala
“I was knocked unconscious but nothing was taken except my blood see”
He said angrily as he pulled up his sleeve, there was a small red bump on his arm.
“My niece Erica kipp did it. She lives on Leverton Street second on the left but you won't find her there. She’s probably at the hospital” he sniffed “My butler Perkins will escort you out.”
With that he swiftly walked away and his Butler pushed her out the door. She headed for the hospital.

Kala walked up to the front desk in the hospital
“I need to find Erica Kipp please” Kala said holding up her police badge.
“She checked out in this morning.” said the receptionist.
Kala walked out of the hospital Disappointed. When she got to Leverton Street she saw the green house second one on the left, she gripped her gun tight.

She knocked no answer so she used her special equipment and opened the door. Looking around the house, brown couches with blue cushions filled the lounge room and a small polished table in the centre. A flash of movement behind a set of curtains caught her eye she pulled them back with a flick of her hands a door leading to a mouldy set of stairs before she got to the bottom a figure wacked her down she got up quickly pushed the figure over and put a firm foot on its stomach. At last she could see clearly the figure was a girl “
“Okay I stole the blood but there’s a reason. “My name is Erica.”

Erica explained everything to Kala. Like how henry has no drivers licence and he ran over Erica’s daughter Maria she needed a blood donation she has rare blood and how Henery had that to but he didn't give the smallest drop, he hired Perkins. Perkins let us in he was on our side. “My daughter she's through that door. When Kala saw Erica’s daughter she was shocked she was only five.
“Come back with me to prove you’re innocent.”

“Okay” said Erica nervously. She called Perkins to watch Maria. They set off at once

“Kala the court has come to an agreement Henry has a fine and Erica, Innocent but if she does anything like it again there'll be consequences.” Said the chief
“That’s great” said Kala excitedly. “It's all over now” she said
“There’s another case you need to solve tomorrow”
“Then guess it's never over. Said Kala



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