A Broken World

Why does war have to be so cruel,
As the gun fires away like the bell at school,
People are dying with no reason at all,
There whole past life just lets loose and falls.

In my world everything would be a dream,
You could run around all day, well that's how it would seem,
No rules or no boundaries just laughter with friends,
You could capture each moment with your camera lense.

There would be no fights and you would never frown,
You wouldn't need to take a bullet or scream as you go down,
You wouldn't have to watch your team mates suffer pain,
You could lie in the garden and pick poppies all day.

Your family wouldn't have to come home with shame,
Because in the dream everything goes your way,
You could sit by the fire and live life as a team,
Because this is what happens in the greatest of dreams.


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