Maths Is Bad

Maths is bad, very, very bad! It is the worst book I ever had.
It is full of hard sums,
And they are knocked into my head like a pair of drums!
While I think of playing, Mum stops me from straying.
Maths is the book I hate; I hope sums won’t be my fate.
Divisions, multiplications, pluses and minuses,
Are cudgeled into my brain, I’ve started to think I’m going insane!
I Hate, Hate, Hate Maths! “What!” more Maths! Rats!
Mum says “What! You don’t like Maths? What a shame!”
And I say, “It gives me a head pain!”
I haven’t just got Maths; there are other books too,
I can’t think any more; my brain feels like goo!
Like English, Science, History and Health,
It seems schoolwork is governing myself!
Now at last I am finished for the day,
And tomorrow is Saturday, so I shout Hurray!