One night at an old orphanage a lady called Susi got woken by the knock on the front door. When she opened it she saw a newborn baby placed in a box on the door mat. She took him inside and found a folded letter at the end of his feet saying, Hi i am sorry about this i am the mother of this baby , I'm so sorry but i have no choice please take care of him his name is Damon and he was born on the 2 of June 2014, Thankyou.

Suddenly the door slammed and a bunch of kids aged from three to seven ran down the wooden carpet stair case and froze,”shhh,” Susi whispered,”? go back to sleep.” The kids moaned and walked back to bed. Meanwhile Susi found Damon a place to sleep and in no time he was fast asleep.

The next day every one sat at the long dining table that cut through the end of the kitchen where breakfast was served.

When Damon was six he could comfortably run and he was doing it as his sport with a professional runner. His name was Steve and he was in the Olympics once before and had lots of hope for Damon's future.

In grade 5 he got chosen to be in the schools running team to compete against different schools. Damon's practice came to good use and won all of his races.

Every month he would have more and more interviews to try and get adopted but he wouldn't have any luck. One day when he was 19 years of age he packed his bags and moved away to his own house in the city.

As Damon was getting older his career was getting more successful each year and one day at 12:00 when he finished his daily run he found a letter at the end of the long driveway Damon picked it up and started reading it.
Dear Damon:
You have been selected to come to the Sydney Olympics! You will be leaving in 8 months and you'll be training at the Loyed running tracks with me my name is Indi and i am your coach we start tomorrow . Hope to see you there. Indi.
Through the 8 months he got faster and faster then he would ever imagine and when the special day came he got ready and made his way out to the starting line and started his stretches.

The cheers from all the fans helped Damon get more and more confident and suddenly they got told to get into their starting positions. READY,SET,GO. BANG! Went the gun and off they went bolting down the runway. All of a sudden the crowd was cheering for Damon because he had won. Later that day the three winners got called up to get here medals as the everyone chanted Damon's name. suddenly he thought to himself that this was were he was supposed to be the whole time.