Larner, Kessy And The Star Blossom

Once, not long ago there were 2 princesses, Kessy and Larner. They lived in Ski Village on the top of a mountain. They had a castle with 8 rooms. One room for the king and Queen and one room each for the girls with lots of other rooms for visitors.

One day Kessy and Larner’s parents King Carson and Queen Claire went on a trip to Quolls Island on a boat. The boat went through the crashing waves. Unfortunately the boat tipped and they died.

A few years later Kessy turned 15 and Larner turned twelve two weeks earlier. Kessy was under the spell of Volta a witch. Kessy had the powers to control time. One day Kessy turned bad. Larner thought of a way to turn Kessy back to the good girl she used to be. The thing that Kessy loved the most was her sister Larner and would hate for her to be sick. So Larner ate a spiky berry from the spiky berry bush. 5 days later Kessy found out and realized what she had done to her kingdom.Kessy defeated Volta and turned back into the good girl she was made to be. Larner actually got sick without realizing and the only thing that would make Larner better was Star Blossom's potion. The Star Blossom was a small little girl the size of a blue berry. Kessy went off to the Blossom Kingdom in the Blossom Woods. Kessy went racing through the Blossom Woods as quick as she could so she could save her sister. Kessy got to the tiny Kingdom the size of her bedroom but don't forget they were really small. Kesey asked for the potion but Star Blossom didn't give it to her. Star Blossom wanted Kessy to do something for her. Star Blossom wanted Kessy to help her redo her garden. Kessy agreed and thought it was only fair to do something for Star Blossom. Kessy asked Star Blossom if she could have the potion and she go it.

Kessy ran back to the castle. Larner was in a bed and Kessy gave Larner the potion. Larner fell asleep the potion was working great. Kessy went back to the Blossom Woods and did her part of the deal by helping Star Blossom redo her garden. After they finished it looked fabulous and was very beautiful now Star Blossom could enjoy it. Larner woke up and was all better she asked for some water and the maids gave it to her. The maids also gave her some jam bread and told her to rest till Kessy came home. Later Kessy came home and saw her sister lying in bed and Kessy ran up to her and gave her a biggest hug she had. “I am so sorry for what I did.” said Kessy. Kessy and Larner had a celebration. They invited their family and friends. They had a great celebration and that’s how the story of Larner, Kessy and Star Blossom went.

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