I am falling out to the ground, I am in Afghanistan. My name is Scott Taylors and I am a Navy Seal for the United States Navy. It has been 3 years since society went into total breakdown, riots have been going on for months and no-where is safe. I pull my parachute dangerously close to the ground and with a big jerk, I slow down. When I touch the ground, I instantly start to repack my parachute, as I do not have a lot of time. I get my weapon out of my bag, screw on the silencer and start running towards the location I have been told too much times. It is a small village on the edge of the Afghanistan border. It is supposed to hold one of the most dangerous people in the world at the moment, this person is the one who created the riots and destroyed society, and I am the one who will rebuild it.
After a long run, I reach the village. It has a lot of two story buildings which are bound to have snipers hiding inside. I run along the wall of the two story buildings in an attempt to hide from the view of the snipers. I get to a door and go inside, I see two men with guns who are pointing their guns at me. I raise my hands and get struck in the head by a heavy object.
I wake up in intense pain, all I see is the silhouette of 3 people, two in front and one at the back. A light turns on which illuminates the faces of the front 2, they hit me and demand; “Who brought you here and why!” I say nothing. They ask again and this time, they swipe my hand with a knife, I am bleeding, I still give them no response. After about an hour of this, I look at my bag, one walks over to it and picks it up whilst the other stands in front of me looking at the bag. I tense my hand, making a fist; ‘Click’, instantly a burst of light appears out of my bag, blinding the three men. I then pull the man in front of my back and grab his knife, I cut the cable ties which are on my hands, I then grab my weapon from the floor, as well as my bag. I make a run for it, but quickly stop as I find a folder which I pick up and put into my bag.
When I am far away from the village I light a flare, and almost instantly hear the humming of a helicopter. It lands on top of the flare and puts it out. I get into the helicopter and then fall to sleep.