I Can Not Believe It

“What do you think you're doing Miss Marsh” she told me “ I...I...I” I was shaking with fear, I knew someday, someone would catch me, but I didn’t know it was going to be today. Someone must have told on me. You see, it all started yesterday when I tripped over my shoelace, then, when I was on the ground I found a dog running around the playground, it was a white poodle and I must admit it was very cute. I knew I shouldn’t pick it up and keep it, but before I knew what I was doing, I had put it into my backpack. I left its head poking out so it could still breathe. The bad thing was I knew who it belonged to. Ms Baxter. She would be furious if she knew I had her dog. So anyway, I had the dog in my room all through the rest of the afternoon. (And let me tell you something, keeping a dog that does not stop barking while trying to hide it from your parents is not easy.) Then when I came home and went to bed I just kept thinking about what Ms Baxter would do to me.

The next day, the word spread and I got more and more anxious about what Ms Baxter would do to me. Then when I was showing my best friend Lila, I was interrupted by Ms Baxter….. and there it started.
“What do you think you're doing Miss Marsh” she said with a croaky old voice. Everyone backed away like she was a lioness coming to attack a buffalo except the problem was, I was the buffalo. “I...I...I” I was shaking with fear so much I could hear my parents voice in my head saying how disappointed they were with me. Can you believe this, all she said was “You found it, my baby, its back” she put her hand out as if she was expecting me to hand the dog over. I stopped and thought. Should I hand it over? I mean, I found it and finders keepers, but because I am such a warm hearted person I gave it to her. Just then, there was a message on the loudspeaker. “Jessie Marsh report to the principal's office please.” I am in trouble? Did I do something wrong?

When I got to the principal's office I walked slowly to his office and knocked nervously on the door. It was so shocking in there that all I remember him saying was that I was receiving an award.

Then the next day I was so excited about receiving my award and in the end, it all went well. (Besides the fact that I passed out on stage.) It all had ended well. But...the next day I got called into the principal's office again. Ms Baxter's real dog had found his way home all by himself and I had given her someone else's dog!