Written by Eiona Steven
?Once there lived a fairy and her name was Eiona. Every morning she woke up and played with her best friend Caitlyn. They lived with a whole bunch of other Fairies, but they were the cutest. They played hide and seek and catch with a small ball. One day things began to go wrong, Eiona threw the ball too far and Caitlyn had to run and get it. The ball went out off fairyland and one of the places out of fairyland was dangerous. The ball landed in that very spot. The dangerous spot. A giant caught Caitlyn. Eiona knew what was going to happen next.
He caught Caitlyn in his hands, held her down on the worktop and quickly got a heavy jar to trap Caitlyn under.
The fairies had special and magical talents. They have magical fairy dust, which can make anyone invisible as well as people can not being able to feel the fairies touching them. So they used their magical talents and decided to sprinkle the dust over themselves before they left to save Caitlyn. Time was running out because the giant was just about to cook Caitlyn in his big boiling pot. When they arrived at the giants house they sprinkled some fairy dust over Caitlyn just before the giant put Caitlyn in the boiling pot. They sneaked in and pulled Caitlyn free without the giant noticing at first. As the fairies were all flying out the window, Eiona looked back at the giant who looked a bit puzzled as he couldn’t find Caitlyn. Eiona felt like she had to help the giant, so she used the fairy dust to make a pretend fairy for the giant to put in the pot. This would make everyone happy, but most of all the fairies as they were all safe and back together.
“Welcome home Caitlyn” they said. “Thank you” said Caitlyn embarrassed. “Can you close your eyes?” Eiona and the fairies said. “Ok” said Caitlyn. “You can open your eyes now. Surprise!” said Eiona and the fairies. “What is happening?” Said Caitlyn “We are celebrating”. Eiona and the fairies said. “Celebrating what?” Said Caitlyn. “You just got lost and we wanted to celebrate having you back home”. “Oh thank you. You all mean a lot to me”. “It’s ok”. Said Eiona and the fairies “Want to put the song ‘rock it’ on?” “All right”. Soon it was time to go home, so they said “see you tomorrow”. “See you”.
It had been a long day, so they all went to bed. Eiona and Caitlyn learnt that they had to be careful when they were throwing the ball. They also learnt that having friends to help is awesome. They lived happily ever after.
*** TheEnd. ***


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