A Bit Of A Surprise

Mum is having an awesome Christmas party and the best part is that I can invite two of my best mates. I chose Francois and Alex to come because we love playing soccer together. We arrive at the beautiful house and it is overlooking the water. We have a look around, as we’re the first ones there. It looks amazing. “Can we go to the beach?” we ask. “Yes but only for half an hour as it’s nearly dinnertime” “Sure,” we reply as we run out the door.

We all run down to the beach and stop when we see this crazy guy that is wearing his boardies and wet suit inside out. We all start cracking up with laughter as he looks at us. “What ya wooking at?” He obviously doesn’t know how to speak English. We see his parents up on the beach. They are nude. They must have grown up on a nude beach somewhere. “Should we go and say something?” I ask as we take another peak. “No I think I’ll be okay,” says Alex.

I couldn’t resist, “Hey kid go tell your parents that you’re not allowed to be nude on these beaches.” The kid goes off to the dunes. We can’t see them but it doesn’t look good. He starts running back over near us and he doesn’t give us a good look. “Let’s just go back to the hotel. It’s been close to half and hour now, surely dinner’s almost ready.” I was getting a bit scared. When we arrive we can’t see Mum, but we can see people running around in the house.

I hear a quiet voice coming from around the corner of the street and the voice says. “Come here and be quick! There is a scary dude that is nude.” We go over to the voice. There is only one problem. He is the nude dude. “How dare you tell me what to do! You will be thankful if the police come now, won’t you?” He starts blabbering on about some stuff. I’m not really paying attention to what he is saying as I see the police out of the corner of my eye.

I wave my hands around like a crazy man yelling out to the police. He pulls over and sees the guy. “Why are you nude?” the policeman asks in a rather deep voice. “Oh sorry.” The guy says. The policeman puts him in the back of his car and puts some clothes on him. They had a little chat before he finally let the guy go.

The police asked if he could join the party. “Sure,” I said. “Thanks for your help. It will be much better now nobody is nude.” The party continued for a long time before we all went home. It had been a surprising time. After a long pack up it was so late, that as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep.


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