Eagle Strike

"Look! An eagle, isn't it amazing?” A child in a passing car exclaimed.
"Thank-you and isn't that obvious?"I thought. I watched it go and shook my head as it disappeared around a rather tight bend. I launched myself into the air and as I soared skywards scoured the green and brown paddocks and searched for a good sized snake, fox or rabbit. Suddenly I spied a grey, plump, furry rabbit bounding into the tall grass.
I looked down and zoomed in my special eyesight following that grey, furry rabbit, my feathery wings carrying me over fields. I waited for the chance to strike. The rabbit slowed. I started to circle slowly towards it. The rabbit stopped. I quickly folded my wings and tore towards the terrified rabbit. Its eyes widened with fear.
My sharp talons tore into its hide and I carried the carcass back to the ledge where our nest was precariously balanced. I heard my chicks begging for food and I glided over to the nest and dropped the dead rabbit into the centre of the nest. The chicks started to fight over the meat.
In the end the largest and the oldest starts to drag it away. I couldn't wait until they learnt to fly and hunt for food.



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