The Singing Fairy

2nd in the 'Write As Rain 2014' competition

This is a story about a fairy who loved to sing. The only problem was, she sang out of tune. Oh buttercups!
Lily was a pixie fairy who looked after the flowers. Her job was to make sure the flowers opened everyday in spring, so that the bees could collect the nectar.
One dark and gloomy day, the flowers would not open. "Oh buttercups" thought Lily. "What am I going to do?"
Suddenly, she heard a beautiful happy song nearby. The melody floated through the trees and Lily started dancing. She twirled around and around so fast, that she tripped over something. It was an elf! Poor Lily was so surprised, that she fainted.
When she woke up the elf was singing her a little song. "I need some help, please wake up little fairy."
"Hello" sang the elf. "My name is Ferdinand and I love to sing, everything!" "Hello" said Lily "I'm Lily and I need your help too! Can you help me open the flowers please?" "Yes" sung Ferdinand. "If that is your wish, I shall grant it." Lily didn't realise that it was also Ferdinand’s job to open the flowers. "Great, let's go!" said Lily. Ferdinand sang "Please sing with me Lily." “Sorry Ferdinand," Lily cried. "I love to sing but I don't sing very well." "I can teach you to sing" sang the little elf, as he waved his magic clover singing "la, la la la la, la la la, la. Sing with me Lily."
Lily took a deep breath and started singing. It was in a squeaky voice "La, la, la." Ferdinand encouraged her to keep singing. Lily kept trying and soon it was perfect! Ferdinand pointed at the flowers. They were beginning to open up. "Amazing, fantastic, la, la, la" they sang together. "Oh buttercups, that was a wonderful day!" thought Lily. She had made a new friend, learnt how to sing in tune and also helped to open the flowers!

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