Harry Potter And The Revenge Of Voldermort

In Hogwarts, Harry Potter was in serious danger.
“Harry!!” Said Hermione, “you’re in serious danger!! Look.” (people looking at the newspaper).
“No, is that…” said Harry.
“Voldermort” said Hermoine.
“I thought I killed him.” (People say I know).
“Well, whatever you do make it quick because he’s heading right to Hogwarts.” Said a student.
“I think he wants to have revenge.” Said Harry. “He does look angry.”
“Maybe he’s in a bad mood.” Said Hermoine.
“He’s always in a bad mood.” Said Harry.
“He’s in dufetown.” Said another student. (Harry yawns).
“I know but I just don’t know why he’d want to come to Hogwarts.” Said Hermoine.
On the next day, Voldermort arrived at Hogwarts gate, he sent a challenge, it was no ordinary challenge; it was to the dark forest, so Harry decided he would enter the challenge. On the next day, a new boy came to Hogwarts, he was called Martin, he also entered the challenge, on that day, in the evening, Harry and Martin went to the dark forest, the challenge was starting, there were other wizards who also entered, there was three challenges, the first challenge was the maze.
“Who ever gets through and comes back, will win, on a count of 3, 1…2…3” said Dumbledore. All the wizards went into the maze and tried to get through the maze, then Harry saw a light, “CABOOM!!!” went something, then Harry was where he started.
“Congratulations, you are the winner.” Said Dumbledore, as Harry took a step, Harry was in the maze.
“That was weird.” Said Harry. In a few hours he got out of the maze.
“Congratulations…” said Dumbledore, before long Harry knew he was having visions…
To be continued.


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