Laila's Army

Laila was sitting on a rock watching everyone work hard to set up a camp fire. Laila lived on an island with her family. There was a wild pig named Jack. He wanted to take over their land. But nobody let him.
One day wild pigs were hiding in the bushes. The pigs took one of the people with them and told him some things. “You have to tell your people about this or I’ll roast you alive,” threatened Jack with a very scratchy voice.
The man jumped out of the bushes and told everyone to gather around him. Laila ran to him. The man shouted out, ‘they’re asking for a war! They’re asking for a war!’ “Who, who?” shouted out a lady, worried. “Jack and his army!” shouted the man. Laila took a step back and started to make tools. “What are you doing?” shouted the worried man. “Hello,” Laila said, “I’m making tools for the war.” “No your not!” shouted everyone altogether. “Why not?” yelled Laila. A lady took a step forward. “What if we lose?” said the lady. “We’ll be thrashed to slaves.” “We have to take a risk,’ said Laila, “they have wanted to do this war for a long time! I’m not going to let them take over our land!” Everyone agreed and started to make tools. Laila gathered up an army. They trained everyday. They practiced doing javelin, archery and sword fighting. The next day they met at a really big oval. Jack’s army was waiting on one side and Laila’s army on the other.
Both armies were running toward each other. All you could hear was “AAARRRRHHH, BANG, BING!” The smoke right in the middle went into the pigs eyes and made them blind.
The war went on for 4 hours. Laila’s army won the war. They were so happy that the pigs won’t come anymore. Finally they were left in happiness. Pigs never came back. They were in peace.

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