A Bad Dream

I can hear ‘It’ crawling its way towards me, my heart pounding, not knowing what to do. I look around for something useful, anything, to climb through, distract ‘It’ with, something I could make a quick escape. I called the creature ‘It’ because I didn’t know what on earth it was. Everything was black, all I could see was the glowing eyes of ‘It’. I managed to find a pipe, and I threw it pass ‘It’. The glowing eyes disappeared; I felt a handle under my feet. It was a trap door. I quickly pulled the door open and lowered myself into it. Just as my head made it through ‘It’ turned and looked at me, I slammed the door shut above me. I had made an escape. I could he ‘It’ scratching at the door above me, trying to get to me. I knew I was safe, but I ran just to be safer. I found myself in a lit room, only to hear a crashing sound. ‘It’ had crashed its way down the trap door. It saw me and ran at me. I collapsed onto the hard, cold concrete, just watching the grey figure, razor sharp teeth and hypnotising red eyes get closer and closer. I close my eyes, just waiting for it to attack me. I felt nothing. I opened my eyes to my bedroom. “Cassandra your breakfast is ready!” my mother shouted. That moment I realised that it was all just a bad dream.


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