The Curious Little Bear

Finalist in the 'Write As Rain 2014' competition

There was a little bear named Daisy. She was quite a daredevil. She loved skateboarding. One day she was skateboarding along the forest trail when she found a cave. As she was a curious little bear she just had to go inside the cave. She found bones and skeletons. It was weird but she kept going in a little further. Then she found a big bear. They became friends with each other. They played with each other until Daisy had to go home.
The next day Daisy came back to play. Daisy and the bear played some more, while they were playing the bear said that Daisy was so yummy, yummy that he could just eat her up.
That night in bed Daisy was very worried. She decided to invite the bear for lunch. She made a lovely teddy bear out of dough and icing and put it in the middle of the table for the bear to eat. When he saw the beautiful teddy bear he said, “Oh No, I cannot eat a lovely teddy bear like that, it is so beautiful.” Then Daisy said, “But I am a lovely teddy bear. You cannot eat me either.”
The bear laughed and said to Daisy that he was only joking and that he would never eat her because she is so lovely and because they are friends. They both laughed and had a wonderful day playing together.

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