Finalist in the 'Write As Rain 2014' competition

There I was, paused with the toughest decision of my life. I stood before my two options, each there staring at me. They both sat in silence, motionless, begging me to pick them; I started to feel my eyes dilate and my heart beat as one with the accelerating clock buzzing in my mind. I needed to quickly think about each one separately before I could make my decision.
To my left was a beautiful, bubbly red head with soft, tangible curves. She was so sweet and full of life; whenever we were together I received a rush of bursting energy. We shared so many illustrious memories; she was always there for me every time I needed her. I loved the crimson red dress she always wore, especially the lightning white streak running down her side. The flashing streak always reminded me of the stormy nights we had together when we would lie on the couch for hours thinking about nothing and watching romantic stories. Her personality was light and bubbly with a voice that popped as it entered my eardrums. We’ve been together for years now and the thought of losing her nauseates my stomach.
However, to my right was the navy, dark haired darling; for whom I’ve recently developed a deeper passion. We met late last year during a sale at Woolworths and ever since we’d secretly been seeing each other. She’s unlike my other because her personality’s bold, smooth and sophisticated but still there for me for the same simple reason. The sparkles inside her always glisten as my eyes lay upon her body. Whenever her lips pressed against mine I always felt a surge run down my throat and into my parched heart. The rich blue hue of her dress with the matching red and blue brooch constantly reminds me of the night when I held her with one hand and together we adored the lunar eclipse.
Though both were amazing in their own right; they both had flaws with equally dark sides. The stunning red head was beautiful and bubbly, her head always appeared to be screwed on and afterward I felt like I could see through her sweet side. But after a while with my smooth, secret lover, this one would always appear flat and made me feel so sick I didn’t want to see her anymore.
My mind snapped back to reality and my eyes elevated to the point I could see both of them gazing in anticipation at what I was going to say. Deep down, I knew I could only pick one and the other would despise me indefinitely. I finally reached my decision, all I had to do was tell them who I was going to pick.
“I pick…”
“Grocery to register seven please.” Echoed the microphone.
I suddenly sensed urgency around me and quickly grabbed the crimson bottle of Cocoa Cola and walked off, leaving the naval bottle of Pepsi on the store shelf for another person to pick.

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