The Path Of The Moon

Excellence Award in the 'The Text Generation 2014' competition

The moon in the sky with its silvery smile,
Shines its light on the ground every inch, every mile.
But when it is full or very near so,
The path that it makes on the sea it will show.
It will speak of the month that has so far gone by,
Of the trees, of the wind, of the inaudible sigh.
The sigh of the leaves turning brown, turning gold,
The sigh of a mother who is getting too old.
It will speak of the song that the rivers have sung,
Of the birds, of the seas, of the children so young.
The path leads forever, from the sea to the shore,
It’s light is pure silver, right to the core.
But when the moon fades the path fades with it,
Every silvery sliver, every silvery bit.
And until a month passes, the light shall be gone,
Then the path of the moon shall come and move on.


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