“The bombs keep coming!” I yelled as we ran for cover. Everyone told me this is what I would get for joining the army. I was 16 when I knew that’s what I wanted so I dropped out of school and worked on my physical health. My passion has always been with war and fighting. Being in the army is thrilling. The idea of protecting the country and the people you love makes me love this job. Up until now.
“SAM WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE,LETS GO!” cried out my commander. We were told that this fight would be this bad. That the people would come to us. The people were hiding in fear of the Americans. They did not know that they had nothing of us to fear, that we were there to save them.
It’s not everyday that troops of Americans fly into your country and fight the oppressed government but we love Australia and when America heard about it, we had to come and save them. Australia has been in the oppressed government since 2031.It was not long ago that they were a happy thriving country.
Now men and women are separated from each other. The schools are in half as girls on one side and boys on the other. Some of the outer towns in Melbourne have poverty. As I run into the bunker waiting for the bomb shower to end, I think of the kids who will never know true happiness and who will never live a happy, full life.
The door slams closed and the commander locks it. “Everyone try and get some sleep, We’ll need it when we hike across the country to Melbourne.” Great I thought. Melbourne was the one of the worst struck. Most of the state of the Victoria is in poverty.
We started to hike across to Melbourne. I started to think of my family back home, my baby sister, Kate who only just started to walk. My mother who lost dad a few years ago to a heart attack. It’s always hard to leave your family but if it’s what you love. “I think the city is not far away” said Nate who has been my best friend since we were 2.We have done everything together. He is like the brother I’ve never had but wanted.
I remember seeing the pictures of Melbourne back in 2014 when everything was better. They used to be happy. Then he came, the man who changed the whole country. He hides in the centre of Melbourne with his bodyguards. Karl Hayes the man who changed the whole country. My squad was on the mission to find Karl Hayes and to kill him. No country should suffer the oppression and the torment the he was giving them. We walked down Flinders Street with our heads down remembering a time where there was laughter and everyone was happy.