The sidewalks littered loud reds cool greens luminous yellows, peacock-feathers, such a dancing spray in sunlight
They flutter mutter utter way ‘long way that leads
Somewhere, nowhere, everywhere taking them
They glisten as fluid as constant motion
Away from
One another
One another
One another
One another
One another
One another
One another
The motion of a great ocean the great mirage swoops, flies
The watery swell carries them all: dull, silver, sharp, and glittering, sword, grey, green, red, yellow, peacock and jumping, fish who leap and cry
And in that swell they slowly die
So the streets, the ticking beasts,
Devour them all
And I a ghost
Once glittering and tall and bedazzled with shimmers and glimmers and glitters and jitters and fell
On the grey sidewalk
And saw them there, nightmares, dreams
The towers (like gravestones, the colours: sweet and beguiling like glamour-flowers
Cast over dust of death)
Drawing you in
You twirl and you whirl and you curl and you purl and you shine
Wreathed in rainbow mist you are, vanish just as quick
A blur of shadows and lights that play on my eyes as I sit and I see
Reach out to grasp the shimmering folds
And fall back,
Hands shrivelled cashews
Glittering tears fall into mist
Leaving only red, burning pain my eyes
Hands fall lifeless by sides
Ghosts all of you,
Only I am alive