Ode To The Green Eyed Tree Frog

Excellence Award in the 'The Text Generation 2014' competition

It lies in surreptitious stealth,
Exuding an energetic glow of health.
Enlarged eyes of lime,
Shiny, scaly skin of slime.
Nestled amidst the damp dewy moss,
Beside streams and familiar seepage slots.
Observing its prey gliding through every turn,
Looking inconspicuous camouflaged as a fern.
Cunning, cryptic form of a frog,
Sometimes suitably morphed into a brown log.
Agile, nimble limbs of elastic,
Rarely perceived as being static.
Artful amphibian not to be overlooked,
Spontaneous flick of its tongue, a prey is hooked!
Feisty fighter within the forest,
Sustaining the ecological evenness.