The Tale Of Perspective

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'The Text Generation 2014' competition

The Tale of Perspective

Earth was frail, she could never resist another attack like that. Her sky’s filthy brown, her children have been stolen by destruction. It was only them left, the Humans. They grew and grew until they could no longer support themselves. The Humans destroyed her so they could live. All hope had been diminished, as the Humans had no place on the Earth anymore. As they had killed her.
They devoured the last of my resources to manufacture their lofty space-shuttles. There were only so many places for the program. To be sent to another planet to probe for additional possessions. Their smoke was suffocating as the rocket blasted into oblivion. The sudden boom as they broke through what was left of the sound barrier. Gone.

They Earth abandoned us. She ran dry. Clearly the Earth could not sustain such a superior life form. We had been attacked previously by vicious, bone-crushing predators. The Crillox. Their bony armour and their wavering tongues. All they would seek was conflict and violence. Our lead scientists crafted an extraordinary ship for us to continue in our endeavour to eradicate the Crillox for all eternity.

We are the last of our race. Peaceful colonists, our ambition, to find new and eccentric worlds that could save our race. We are more desperate than usual, we were hunted by the Humans. We came by their star system hoping to find a new world. We did, the perfect world. It has the potential to be healed, once healed the conditions would be perfect for the new colony. But the seemingly peaceful inhabitants turned on us. We lost many, we mourned for months. But now comes the time, the time to start over.

The nebulae glowed intensely and vibrantly. The darkness was serine, so quiet even as cruisers glided majestically across the galaxy to either be destroyed or greeted. Light-years away a now brown speck awaited the arrival of either blood-thirsty monsters or diplomatic people. The Earth would either be hopeless or hopeful. Earth could now see the magnificent star-ships. So swift yet immense.
As the creatures neared the atmosphere, they were not greeted with swarms of missiles or showers of bullets. The Humans had not been destroyed or abducted. The Crillox star-ships entered the atmosphere and began their decent towards Earth’s open arms. The smog was thick, debris ricochet of the ships’ hull. They touched down. Greeted with cautious faces.
The Humans were surprised by the fact that the Crillox weren't armed with weapons. But with a merry posture and happy expressions. Would this be peace?
The Crillox High Counsellor dawdled towards the Human President and said:
‘We welcome you to have a long and prosperous future with us.’
By Riley von Husen


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