Taken Away

Taken Away
“Mmmmmm” I moaned as I woke up! I grabbed my only piece of clothing and put in on. It was white well… it WAS white but not anymore it was kind of dirty ok it was filthy, it looked like a pig wore it when it rolled in mud. It was way too big, it was my sisters and she is now 30 so I have to grow a lot before it fits!! It had plenty of holes in it and a massive scratch right in the back! I grabbed my shoes and brushed my hair with my fingers.
I skipped outside to see my brother sitting down by the camp fire waiting for breakfast. My brother’s name was Jago he was a tough brother and always stood up for me. He was 12 with short brown hair and green eyes. We lived in a little hut, Jago and I shared almost everything! We never had any money hunting for food was our only option and we were aboriginal so we weren’t treated the same as white people. Oh by the way I’m Kirra, my name means ‘leaf’ I am 11 turning 12 soon! I have short brown hair and dark brown eyes.
“Where’s dad with our food” I ask as my tummy grumbled “He will be back soon if not I will go look for him” Jago replied. My mother came to sit with us while we wait. Then all of a sudden… dad come out of the corner “what did you get” we all asked in hunger, “2 delicious rabbits” he replied, as we cooked our 2 rabbits dad told us stories, he always did! I loved dad’s stories they were always so interesting!! “Done” dad called, we all got some rabbit and ate it up I’m glad dad got 2 because we were still hungry after eating the 1.
Dad said Jago and I could go and play so we ran to where we always did and started playing tiggy. Then all of a sudden we hear a horse and cart “oh no the kid hunters” I yelled “RUN!!” We ran as fast as we could Jago fell so I helped him up so they couldn’t get him. We were almost back at the house when the hunter grabbed me, I started to scream and kick my legs, Jago tried to get him off me but nothing worked instead he grabbed both of us. “DAD, DAD HELP US” luckily dad heard and came out from around the corner he tried to get us but it was no use. The hunter showed us into the car. As the car was driving dad chased after it but as the car got further away and sped up dad had to catch his breath. I started to cry as I watched dad drift away into the distance.
After 4 hours of driving, we finely got to an orphanage for girls and boys. The driver threw us out of the car and drove off, the lady came out and said “WELL GET INSIDE” we went in. The head mistress lead us to a small room where a lady sat at a sewing machine. She asked us what type of clothing we wanted Jago asked for shorts and a t-shirt, the lady said to me “a dress?” I looked at her and said “If it’s ok I would like shorts and a t-shirt” she gave me a perplexed look and got to work.
I walked into the room and found a spare bed I went to sit on it when… I looked at the chest at the end of the bed. I opened it up to see what was inside; it had a pencil, a writing book and a basketball. I looked behind me to see a big guy, he was tall and looked tough “get away from me” I yelled he looked at me and put his fist up. Before he could punch me my brother pushed him to the ground and said “leave my sister alone”.
Then this girl came up to me and said “Hi I’m Kara what’s your name” “Kirra I’m 11 what about you” I replied “I’m 11 too” Kara and I talked the rest of the day but I still missed my mum and dad!!
The next day my t-shirt, shorts and some white socks where sitting at the end of my bed with a new pair of runners and a hair brush. I got changed and brushed my hair- It was the first time. I had never brushed it with a brush before, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my mum and dad!
4 years later... ok I miss my mum and dad too much! I can’t live here anymore! The first days were fun but then it turned into torture! I have had enough, I want to go home! Jago, Kara and I planned an escape so we could find our parents. That night we used our plan. I was first when everyone was asleep I climbed out of the window. I was holding my note book, pencil, my basketball and my brush in a small bag I found under my bed. I helped Kara out the window and Jago just jumped out then we ran as fast as we could.
The sun started to rise and we knew that the hunter would be after us soon so we had to move. We walked for 9 hours straight until we found a little old hut. It reminded me of our hut Jago and I used to live in, I knocked on the door. A little old man came to the door “yes what’s wrong?” I told him how we were running away from the orphanage, so he let us in. He started telling a story about how he had 2 kids that got taken away him and how he tried to run after the car but he had to take a breath “sorry sir but may I ask what your children names were?” I asked shyly “oh yes one was Jago and the other was Kirra” he replied “yes and I know this sounds a bit weird but what did you have for breakfast that day?” then he said “2 delicious rabbits” I looked at him and said “sir my name is Kirra and this is my brother Jago and the morning we got taken away we had ‘2 delicious rabbits’” the little old man looked at me then looked and Jago then looked back at me “Jago, Kirra is that really you” he said as a tear ran down his face “DAD it is really us” I started to cry and gave him the biggest hug! “We have missed you so much” we said as we cried more and more “but where’s mum” I asked with a perplexed look on my face. “I’m so sorry but your mother went to look for you and never came back”. I started to cry again I wasn’t sure if it was because my mother could be dead or that I was home now.
“Now who’s this” dad asked “oh I’m Kara, Kirra’s friend, is it alright if I stay with you?” Kara asked politely, “of course you can” replied my dad. I was just so happy to be home. We waited for the hunters to come but they never did, then all of a sudden we got new neighbours. It was like my life so far had changed the world. Now I am 20 and this is the story of how I got taken away!


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